How Much Do You Spend?

As I am calculating my money in the jar..(haha) and pondering on what to pay and how I’m going to spend the leftover money (do I ever think of saving some for rainy day?huhu)..I think that most of the time we spend most of our budget on the food.


I read a post on Survey: How Much Do You Spend on Food? and realized that if only we do not eat (which is impossible) we wouldn’t have to work so hard to earn a lot in life.

Roughly most people spend quite a lot especially if you dine out all the time (which is common for working couples). I have done my share of cooking and I noticed during the month that I minimize dining out, we tend to have extra budget compared to when we go out for the main 3 meals.

How about you? Do you ever calculate how much you spend on food or you just dump everything in the trolley as you walk down the aisle of food and groceries and later simply swipe the plastic money at the cashier?

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