How To Write Better

I’m sure as a blogger you would wish that people will enjoy your writing even if you start your blog with the intention of making money online.

Nothing gives so much pleasure than to see the same nick visiting your site on daily basis and leave his or her comment and capture the ever growing number of your RSS readers.


But how do you do it? How do you lure people and make them stick to your blog? I found great resource today at CopyBlogger.

Like copywriter who manage to grab the attention of people using the skills of manipulating and twisting words to portray the vivid image of the products or services of the company, this copyblogger shares great articles on how to be a better writer.

It’s not easy to come out with clear and concise words in order to let the readers understand the context of your writing. I seem to be having problem with that. I wish I can summarise everything in few simple words rather than babbling few paragraphs just to make sure I don’t left any important details behind..heh!

I’m reading this at the moment..will try to implement the tips on How to Be a Conversational Blogger Who People Listen To.

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